Roof Inspection



A commercial roof inspection enables the detection and avoidance of significant costs. The integrity of the roof should always be a top priority because it is one of the most important parts of the construction of your building. Most roofs have a lifespan of twenty to fifty years, depending on the material and installation standards. In the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro Area and East Texas, Clima-Ply Commercial Roofing provides roofing inspections and estimates. Our roofing specialists are fully licensed, insured, certified and they do a thorough examination before making personalized recommendations for any required repairs or replacements as well as opportunities to increase energy efficiency.

Every successful commercial roofing project begins with an honest, high quality roof inspection which is something we do from start to finish. We have installed more than 15,000 roofs and dealt with countless roofing concerns in the past 30 years. Given our high labor standards, premium materials and unmatched customer service, we have established a strong reputation in all areas of Texas.

Our Commercial Roof Inspections Provide:

  • ● Documented history for any potential insurance claims
  • ● Fulfills the terms of the warranty requirements
  • ● Identify minor issues before they grow into major problems
  • ● Promote integrity, safety and efficiency
  • ● Proper roof maintenance protects against liability
  • ● Reduces long-term costs


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